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Security Alarm Systems

With over 8,000 burglaries a day in Britain, an alarm is one of the most cost-effective methods of protecting your property, family, staff and valuables.

Investing in a quality protection system now may prove highly effective in the long term.

Commercial Alarms

Whatever the type or size of your premises, security and the prevention of crime is of vital importance. Burglary and vandalism can not only produce a direct loss of business, it can also effect profitability through the loss of production and the effects on staff and their morale.

Domestic Alarms

We care about your home. All cables will be installed by our qualified engineers to high standards. All systems are designed to meet the customers personal requirements.

With the latest technology, motion detectors can now be installed in homes where pets have full roam of the house.

New pet-friendly detectors will not detect animals up to 60lbs, with larger dogs the detectors can be adjusted to suit the environment.

We design, install, commission and provide a 24 hour call-out service.